Construction methods and jigs used to build my Gypsy Jazz Guitars are similar to those designed and fabricated by Mario Maccaferri and used by the employees in the guitar workshop at the Henri Selmer factory in Mantes-la-Ville, west of Paris, between 1932 and 1952.
Solid wood sides are bent in a heated bending mould, with the cutaway curve, hand bent on a hot pipe. Laminated sides are shaped in a side bending mould similar to those used by Selmer.
Rosettes are hand made from black and white veneers.
Linings are solid/laminated for the side to back join and kerffed for the side to top join.
The inside of the bodies are varnished for extra protection.
The finish is Nitrocellulose lacquer with a final French Polish finish to the body.
Each guitar will be setup for your individual playing style with a choice of bridge heights.
Royal Gypsy Jazz Guitars come with a limited, 1 year warranty to the original owner.





Dovetail Neck to Body joint

Installation of frets

Sides to Back Linings

Fitting the neck

Head blank


1934 bracing

Model 1934 body and neck

Neck shaping

Filing fret ends


Assembly Jig

Model 1939 Rosette

 Model 1934 rosette

Leveling the rosette

Photographs Copyright © Roy Eneas 2013