Roy Eneas, as well as being an Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist and Musician, has been a Luthier of fine guitars for more than 30 years, building Classical, Folk and Jazz guitars on the South Coast of England.  Roy was taught most of his woodworking skills and the pleasure of working with wood, from a young age, by his father Dennis, who was a cabinet and furniture maker until his retirement.
In the last few years Roy has concentrated on building Jazz Guitars in the style of the original Selmer's built between 1932 - 1952.
Royal Gypsy Jazz Guitars have been well received by many of today's players of this unique style of music.


Model 1939 Rosette and Label

Headstock Mark
Roy Eneas,

Photographs Copyright © Roy Eneas 2013                    Roy Eneas is a Crafts Council Registered Maker                                 

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